Local West Point cadet to serve in engineering branch


Lockhart native Cristal Trejo received an early Christmas present at West Point’s annual Branch Night last week. The event marks when seniors learn what branch they will serve their five-year commitment in.

Cristal joined 1,089 cadets at Robinson Auditorium on December 2nd, and upon the command of, “Don your branch insignia,” she tore open her envelop to discover she had been awarded her first choice: engineering.

LPR spoke with beaming mom Olga Trejo by phone on December 3rd. She told us she was, “on cloud nine,” following the announcement. Cristal is the only daughter of nine children, and the second of Olga’s children to attend West Point.

Cadets are allowed to pick a first, second, and third choice of the 17 branches to serve. Each branch then ranks the cadets as “most preferred,” “preferred,” and “least preferred to help determine the match.

According to the West Point Association of Graduates, 90 percent of this year’s class received their first choice. Cristal was ranked “preferred” by the engineering branch, helping her to earn all five years of her assignment in one branch.

Cristal was nominated to West Point by U.S. Representative Lloyd Doggett four years ago and received a full scholarship.

“So pleased that Cristal Trejo is advancing in her military career!” Rep. Doggett said in an email to LPR. “From the soccer field to her engineering studies to her commission, she pursues excellence and leads with optimism and a strong sense of purpose.”

Rep. Doggett said Cristal has kept him updated about her experience at West Point, including the changes she had to make during the pandemic.

“Hopefully more will follow her in seeking my academy nomination: a cost-free college education and service to our country,” Rep. Doggett said.
Mom Olga said she was so thankful for the community support her family has received, particularly from the local veterans organizations.

“I see my nine children today, and I tell them every day, thank you,” she continued. “They are very self-driven, and from the oldest that’s 32, to the youngest that’s 17, they have made me so proud as a mom.”


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