Lockhart Athletic Club keeps students strong, fast


By Alonzo Garza

The Lockhart Athletic Club started its strength and conditioning workouts in the high school weight room on Monday, June 2. Student athletes have been working hard at improving their skills and developing their strength and endurance from 8-10 a.m.
Lockhart High School coaches provide a positive and safe atmosphere while motiv

ating students to improve not only their physical abilities but their character traits as well.
The strength development program is personalized to fit the specific needs of each athlete accordingly. Depending on the sport, position played, age and physical ability, the students are allowed to try varying exercises emphasizing core lifts like squats, clean lifts, bench press and incline.
Once lifting exercises are done, students are directed to the stadium track where they stretch and warm up for speed development drills and exercises.
When asked why he joined the club, power lifter and football player Jose Aguillon said he was getting in shape for football.
“It’s tiring, but it’s all right,” Aquillon said. “You get really tired afterwards, but I’m trying to win that gold football…you know, state championship.”
More than 30 LHS student athletes are participating in the summer program and the majority of them are involved in more than one or two different sports.
The club meets Monday through Thursday and will continue until Tuesday, July 17.
See you at the camps.


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