Lockhart Court to participate in Warrant Roundup


By LPR Staff

Lockhart Municipal Court will join forces with more than 200 law enforcement agencies statewide in the second annual Great Texas Warrant Roundup beginning on Saturday, Feb 16.
According to Municipal Court Administrator Bonnie Townsend, the Great Texas Warrant Roundup allow individuals with outstanding tickets and warrant

s to take care of their legal obligations without the inconvenience and embarrassment of being arrested at home or at their workplace, and having to later explain the situation to family, co-workers, employers and friends.
“Often, people don”t come in and take care of [their tickets or outstanding warrants] because they are afraid they will be arrested when they get here,” Townsend said. “That”s not usually the case, and during Warrant Roundup, they get a sort of “amnesty” for coming in and taking care of things.”
The Great Texas Warrant Roundup is designed to target defendants with traffic, parking, city ordinance, penal code or higher charge warrants from the 200-plus participating jurisdictions. It is believed to be the largest joint operation of its kind.
“Last year, we saw that many of our defendants came in and paid their tickets during Warrant Roundup who might not have done so otherwise,” Townsend said. “And now, we make it easier still, because we allow them to pay tickets online.”
Lockhart”s new City Marshal and key warrant officer, Rodrigo Amaya, was sworn into his position just in time for the Great Texas Warrant Roundup, and according to Townsend, the event has been his chief priority since he joined the city staff.
Over the last few weeks, notices were mailed to hundreds of Texas residents with outstanding warrants with the participating jurisdictions, which include the Cities of Luling and Bastrop, Austin and Travis Counties. Affected individuals are encouraged to contact the jurisdiction listed on their notice as soon as possible to participate in the Great Texas Warrant Roundup and clear their records to avoid possible arrest for outstanding tickets.
For more information on the Great Texas Warrant Roundup, contact the Lockhart Municipal Court at (512) 398-8330.


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