Lockhart ISD TAFE team tops state competition


Lockhart High School’s Association of Future Educators were state champions at the March 3-5 State Competition in Dallas. LHS competed against several education, training, and early learning competitions. LHS had 20 students involved in the competition and 18 were called on stage as state winners.

The Texas Association of Future Educators (TAFE) is a co-curricular statewide non-profit student organization created to allow young men and women an opportunity to explore the teaching profession. TAFE encourages students to learn about careers in education while promoting character, service, and leadership skills necessary for becoming effective educators.

The following are how LHS students placed at the TAFE state:

1st Place

Gold state winners:

  • Katia Cuevas and Madison Vela in Project Visualize Fundraising 
  • Laila Murillo, Emily Ramos, and Klaudia Reyes in Professional Development 
  • Krista Cardenas and Olivia Acosta in Project Visualize Teaching

2nd Place

Silver state winners:

  • Peyton Crabill in Educational Leadership Fundamentals Test
  • Kevin Arrieta in Educational Leadership Fundamentals Test
  • Gareth Schulte in Educational Leadership Fundamentals Test
  • Laila Murillo in Educational Leadership Fundamentals Test

3rd Place

Bronze state winners:

  • Xitlaly Manzano in Teacher Created Materials Elementary 
  • Klaudia Reyes in Educational Leadership Fundamentals Test
  • Tyler Staton in Educational Leadership Fundamentals Test
  • Perla Huerta in Educational Leadership Fundamentals Test
  • Trinity Alexander in Educational Leadership Fundamentals Test
  • Olivia Nix in Educational Leadership Fundamentals Test

Five out of the six Lockhart TAFE members participating in National Level Competitions placed 1st at state and are qualified to compete at the Educators Rising National Competition in Washington DC, in June.

TAFE 1st Place State winner and Platinum National qualifier:

  • Peyton Crabill — Teacher Created Materials: Pop It Challenge

TAFE 1st place State winners and Top-10 National qualifiers:

  • Team of Naely Lopez and Anna Rivera — Children’s Literature Pre-K
  • Tyler Staton — Job Interview Junior Varsity
  • Julisa Ramirez — Lesson Planning and Delivery ARTS
  • Peyton Crabill – Job Interview Junior Varsity

Lockhart High School TAFE Chapter also had another big win with sophomore and TAFE President, Peyton Crabill, who ran for Area 3 Officer. She created an inspiring campaign and officer speech video that highlighted what makes her a leader, accompanied by a professional cover letter, resume, and website. After completing a 3-panel interview with TAFE State Directors and Teacher Leaders, Crabill was elected as the 2022-2023 Area 3 TAFE President.   

TAFE is under the guidance of 18th year Teacher Leader, Amber Crabill, with assistance from 3rd year Assistant-Teacher Leader, Jarin Pittman. Crabill thanked everyone who competed at state.

“You represented yourself, Lockhart High School, our TAFE Chapter, and our community with Lion pride, and we couldn’t be more proud,” Crabill said.

TAFE will continue to grow and push our members to new heights and achievements every year.


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