Lockhart Lions roar through scrimmages


By Alonzo Garza

The Lockhart Lions looked good out at Lion Stadium on Friday, Aug. 24. The scrimmage game against Luling proved to be productive. The coaches were able to observe their players and the special teams. All in all, the coaches were pleased with what they saw.
Head Coach Troy Moses was equally impressed with what he saw.

We know what our strengths are,” said Moses. “And now we know what we have to work on.”
The freshman game started out with the Lions defense completely dominating the ball. They set the tone for the night and the rest of the teams came out and played just as well as they did. The freshman Lions refused to allow the Luling Eagles to score by pursuing the ball and making the right plays at the right time.
The freshman offense also did well on Friday night. A great highlight was the 60-yard touchdown run by Brooks Pittman who scored on a pitch to the left side and then raced down the sideline for his well-earned 60-yard TD. Overall, the freshman did very well for their first game.
The junior varsity team also shined out on the Lion Stadium field. They were just as impressive as the freshman.
“The JV played good team defense with a bend- but-don’t-break attitude,” Moses said. “The offense is beginning to execute better with each day of practice.”
The only touchdown of the junior varsity scrimmage and the highlight for the JV team came from Kenny Brite.
The Lockhart Lions Varsity team came out and continued the winning trend after hitting the field.
The Luling Eagles, who took the ball first, were continually stopped in their tracks. The Lions defense allowed only one first down in 15 plays.
“The defense is beginning to fly to the ball and creating confusion for the offense,” Moses said.
The Lions, on their first possession, scored two touchdowns and two key returning players scored them. Christian Estrada scored one touchdown and Richard Ybarra scored the other.
“Overall, the scrimmage was good for our kids,” said Moses. “Our offensive line is what makes us go and they executed and made things happen.”
The Lockhart Lions start their season on a good note and plan to continue with their success. Get out to the games and support your teams. All you have to do is BELIEVE.
See you at the game.


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