Lockhart Police to focus on traffic


By LPR Staff

For the fifth year, the Lockhart Police Department is preparing for enhanced traffic enforcement with the help of a Selective Traffic Enforcement Program (STEP) grant.
According to the Lockhart Police Department’s STEP Coordinator, Sgt. Larry Simmons, Jr., this grant program has made Lockhart’s streets and drivers sa

fer over the course of the last five years.
“The grant has decreased speed-related accidents from 79 the first year to 26,” Simmons said. He also noted that speed limit compliance and seat belt compliance are both up significantly as a result of the STEP program.
In addition to enforcing traffic laws on the streets, Lockhart Police officers have taken part in health fairs and other events to promote seat belt safety. The program has also helped the department to purchase a “roll-over simulator” that shows spectators, specifically teens, the effects of not wearing a seat belt during a rollover collision.
According to Simmons, Lockhart police will continue to actively participate in those programs this year, along with ramping up traffic enforcement along Highway 183, Highway 142 and FM 20.
For more information on the STEP program, contact Simmons at 398-4401.


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