Lockhart State Park pool reopens doors


By Alonzo Garza

After two years of being closed due to funding, the Lockhart State Park pool is, once again, open to the public.
The pool opened on Memorial Day, and if all goes as planned, it will stay open until Labor Day according to Park Interpreter and Pool Manager Liz LaRue.
“I don’t know if everyone in Lockhart knows we’re

open,” La Rue said. “We are, and we are very happy to have the pool back.”
The pool hours are from noon to 6:45 p.m., Wednesday – Monday. The pool is closed on Tuesdays.
The 80th Texas Legislature passed House Bills 1 and 12, providing an additional $25.6 million for state park operations during the 2008-2009 biennium.
All over Texas, state parks are benefiting from the increase in funding from the 80th Texas Legislature. State lawmakers and voters provided state parks with much needed money and over 200 new state park employee positions.
Other campgrounds that closed two years ago due to limited funds have also reopened, and some their days of operations have been extended.
There are 93 state parks in Texas. Lockhart is one of the lucky ones that did not have to close, despite having to shut down the pool.
“We have been very fortunate,” Park Manager J. Hess said. “Due to the increase in funding for state parks this past Legislative Session, we were able to open the swimming pool back up and able to increase our days of operation from five days to six days.”
The Lockhart State Park pool has new lifeguards who have been hired on and just trained in May.
Two first year lifeguards at the pool include 2008 Lockhart High School graduate Dustin Mills and LHS junior Jose Espinoza.
“We started training on May 3,” Mills said. “The training was for two weeks and it was good. The job is pretty laid back.”
“I like it,” Espinoza chimed in. “I think I’ll do it next year too, if I can. It’s been great.”
Other lifeguards at the state park pool include Mathew Carniero, Seth Guckian, Travis Tolley and Steven Crider.
The pool was busy on Wednesday, July 2. Some campers brought their children to the pool for some afternoon cooling off and a couple of visitors from New Braunfels mingled with some Lockhart swimmers.
Lifeguards worked on their lifesaving skills as La Rue checked off a list after each of their exercises. Grandparents and parents waited under shade trees as their children enjoyed their time in the pool. Lifeguards took turns diving off the diving board to keep cool as they watched over the swimmers.
When asked about the turn out at the pool since it opened Mills and Espinoza both agreed that it varied.
“It depends,” Mills said. “One time we had over 100 (swimmers) come. It varies. Weekends are always busy.”
For information on pool fees and season pool passes check with park headquarters at 512-398- 3479.
See you at the pool.


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