Love always awaits you with Jesus


Woke up early this morning with love on my mind. No, not the type of romantic love Natalie Cole sang about, more the anchor and life-giving purpose love that Jesus talked about. With six or seven different songs about love ping-ponging around in my head, each taking a turn through my mumbled lip service, I grabbed onto one my Grammy often sang.

Belting it out, as the invigorating water cascaded across my body, I simply became lost for a moment, once again immersed in the depth of God’s love for me. My cleansing for the day! Warm water with soap for my physical body, loving hope with joy for my spirit.

I have found as I’ve aged, when I purposely start my day this way, I feel better prepared for whatever steps my journey leads me along.

On this morning it took me by a new coffee shop in town on my way to the office. And as I stood in line waiting my turn, I struck up a conversation with the young man next to me. I recognized him, having seen him occasionally around town, though I didn’t know his name. After a little small talk, with both of us seeming to enjoy the conversation I thought to myself, maybe I need to offer to visit. So, I asked if he would like to sit and talk. Telling me he really needed to be somewhere else, he started to leave. Three steps towards the door, he abruptly stopped, turned around came back and sat down across from me.

“I don’t know why I am asking you,” he said, timidly, “but what do you do for a living?”

Thinking for a moment on how my answer will direct the conversation, I keep it simple. “I’m retired, though I enjoy writing stories for children. Today I’m popping by the office to check on things, then back home to write.”

“Hmm,” was his reply, while he sat there contemplating his next question. “Tell me one that you’ve written, maybe I’ve read it.”

A song of Jesus love began to arise in my heart as I said, “I can do that, but how about I tell you the one I’m working on right now? You can tell me what you think. “Sounds good” was his reply. 

So, I began… “This is a story my Grammy told me when I was a young boy. 

“Once, one of God’s children walked alone. They thought, never will I be understood. Never, will I find peace or purpose. Never, will I be loved. Forever, will I be alone. Then one day God’s child met Jesus. Jesus took away the never from God’s child and replaced it with victory. Through redemption’s work, He took the (n), replaced it with (v), transforming God’s child from alone, to a-love. Fully understood and living with peaceful purpose, God’s chosen has become a-love belonging to Him. And will spend eternity with Jesus. Moral of this story… You don’t need to be alone… be a-love… of God’s. Let Jesus remove all your (n’s) and give you (v’s)!”

Having finished, I sat there for a minute while he pondered. With a look of pain in his eyes, he tearfully whispered, “I’m so alone.”

“You don’t have to be,” I assured him. “The Bible tells us, that even while we were still trapped in our sinful ways, alone and apart from God, Jesus came and paid the penalty for our mistakes. By His faithful life and blood spilled on the cross, Jesus Christ was given the Authority by God to Live and give Life. In fact, that was Jesus’s whole purpose, to give you life. It is recorded in Scripture He said, I come that you may have life, and live it abundantly.”

“But why me, why would He do that for me?” my new friend humbly asked.

“The best answer I can give is this, because He loves you. A verse that a lot of folks have heard yet have not taken to heart is John 3:16 which says: For God so loved the world (that’s you and me) that He gave His only son (that’s Jesus) that whoever believes in Him (Jesus completely for salvation) will not perish (separated in darkness from God throughout eternity) but will have everlasting life. (Forever fellowship with Jesus).”

“But even if I wanted to accept what Jesus did for me, how do I do that, what do I say?” my friend asks.

“There are no special words to say, it’s more of a heart speak. It is the intention of our heart when we speak to Jesus about our need that He responds too. Romans 10:9: For if you publicly declare with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will experience salvation. From alone to a-love.”


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