City continues economical growth


I’d like to begin 2023 with an article from the Mayor’s desk and continue this on a quarterly basis.
Let’s kick off our inaugural article with some updates. First, our annual report is complete and is now posted on the city website and can also be viewed at the library and at City Hall.
Our census numbers came out last year and showed Lockhart’s population increase at approximately 13 percent over the last decade to 14,500. Redistricting our voting districts always follows the federal census and we were able to do so with minimal changes.

In 2022, we have seen our continued post-pandemic economic recovery. Our growth numbers began to show significant increases. Business growth and job creation continued with businesses such as McElroy Metal, Titan Development, Ziegenfelder, Mill Scale, and McCoy’s making commitments to locate in Lockhart. Our Economic Development Corporation and Planning Department fielded many inquiries for new businesses and proposed housing developments. Our new Industrial Park III is quickly selling out and is spurring continued interest in adjacent properties. Our housing growth exploded with offerings of
traditional and alternative housing styles.
Our utility capacity remains strong. I want to assure citizens we have a very good water supply. Our current supplies are serving our needs and by the end of 2023 the GBRA/Carrizo water project should be nearly double our capacity. Recent analysis shows that Lockhart has adequate water and wastewater capacity until our population reaches 25,000, at which time the City will have to begin plans for expansion of our treatment plants.
Traffic challenges are becoming more of an issue. The City has been in contact with TXDOT to identify the problems areas and the process (and it is a process) to address them. Plans for improvements to the downtown area progress and should begin construction near the end of the year to include traffic, utility, drainage, landscape and safety upgrades. Our park improvements under the park master plan will continue into 2023.
Our city continues to have a high profile in central Texas, and our goal remains to retain our small-town identity and grow responsibly.


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