LPR clarification of wrongful and misleading Facebook posts


With the launch of our new website “LPR,” the Lockhart Post-Register has gone to great lengths and expense to preserve news articles and obituaries dating back to 2004 along with nearly 200,000 Lockhart locals pictures from 2004-2017.

We have a limited amount of server space to preserve this massive amount of Lockhart data and history. We were able to transfer thousands of articles along with nearly 3,000 obituaries from the old server to the new website at www.post-register.com and have made access to this website at no cost to our thousands of readers.

Nothing at all has been deleted through our massive archive database which is hosted through an outside company with over 111,000 pages of the entire Lockhart Post-Registers as well as previous incarnations of The Lockhart Post and Lockhart Register viewable and searchable by key word for newspapers from 1872-2017. ALL of these pages are intact preserving valuable Lockhart and Caldwell County history.

Not to worry. Every article and picture about Lockhart and Caldwell County citizens and our youth are still available at


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