County approves Kinder Morgan MOU


Commissioners on Monday voted 4-0 to approve a memorandum of understanding (MOU) between the county and developer Kinder Morgan that should pave the way for construction to begin on the upcoming Permian Highway Pipeline.
County Judge Hoppy Haden recused himself from the vote.
The MOU outlines specific considerations laid out by county officials aimed at easing the impact and installation of the pipeline, such as providing traffic control near jobsites and keeping adjacent roadways free from debris, trash and mud.
In Sept. 2018, Kinder Morgan representatives began to reach out to property owners whose land runs through the projected path of the pipeline to conduct civil and environmental surveys, as well as begin negotiations for easements on which to place the pipelines.
The MOU had been tabled by commissioners several times over the past few months due to ongoing negotiations with affected landowners, but Precinct 3 Commissioner Ed Theriot said he believed those issues had been resolved.
“This MOU has been under discussion for some time,” said Theriot. “It’s my understanding that the issues have all been worked out.”

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