Film begins shooting on Monday


By LPR Staff

Flags and banners are popping up all over the Courthouse Square in preparation for a parade on Monday, Aug. 21.
The parade will not be to celebrate a holiday or a hometown hero. It is a part of the filming schedule for an untitled Paramount Pictures project that will be filming throughout Lockhart for the next two weeks.

The film, now listed by Paramount as “Untitled Kimberly Pierce Project,” is the story of a soldier who, upon returning home to Texas after serving in Iraq, is told that he has to return immediately to the war. The plotline as listed on the Internet suggests that the soldier refuses to return.
Ryan Phillipe (54, I Know What You Did Last Summer, AntiTrust) holds one of the starring roles. Writer/director Kimberly Pierce is best known for her Academy Award-Winning “Boys Don”t Cry,” the semi-biographical tale of hate crime victim Brandon Teena (played by actress Hilary Swank).
Filming is scheduled to begin in Lockhart on Aug. 14 and continue through Aug. 22. Some businesses, such as Smitty”s Market have already released announcements that they will be closed for filming at their locations.
However, most downtown businesses will remain open.
The parade scene, scheduled to be shot on Monday, Aug. 21 and Tuesday, Aug. 22, will involve temporary closures of North Main, East Walnut and West San Antonio Streets for three to four minutes at a time.


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