State Park Pool to open in May


By LPR Staff

The efforts of a concerned and dedicated group of area residents are responsible for a success that all of Caldwell County can be proud of.
The Texas Department of Parks and Wildlife (TPWD) announced last week that because of the fundraising efforts of the Friends of the Lockhart State Park, the State Park swimming pool

will be open again this summer.
“Without the dedication and support of the friends group, we couldn”t have [opened the pool this year],” said Lockhart State Park manager Jay Hess.
According to Hess, after learning that the Friends of the Lockhart State Park had raised upwards of $7,000 to keep the pool open, TPWD officials agreed to allow the pool to open between Memorial Day and July 31.
“We had the chance to determine how much money [the Friends] had raised, and it looks like we can go ahead and open until at least the end of July,” he said.
However, fundraising efforts will continue throughout the spring and summer to ensure that the pool can remain open through the entire swimming season.


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