Martindale begins new parking policy


City of Martindale

The City of Martindale recently announced a new parking policy that will be implemented at Allan Bates Park and Phase 1. It began July 12.

In an effort to manage parking spaces more effectively and ensure fair access for all visitors, a parking fee of $10 will be introduced. However, residents of Martindale will have the opportunity to obtain a free parking pass by registering at Martindale City Hall.

The decision to implement parking fees at these popular locations is aimed at improving the overall experience for park visitors and addressing the growing concerns related to waste control. By charging a nominal fee, the city hopes to generate revenue to invest in maintaining and enhancing park facilities.

The new parking policy means all visitors to Allan Bates Park and Phase 1 will be required to pay a parking fee of $10. Payment options will include credit cards and digital payment methods. Adequate signage will be displayed throughout the parking areas to guide visitors on payment procedures and provide information on where to obtain parking passes.

Residents of Martindale, however, will have the opportunity to register for a free parking pass at Martindale City Hall. This pass will exempt registered residents from the parking fee at Allan Bates Park and Phase 1. By offering free parking passes, the city aims to prioritize the needs of local residents and foster a sense of community within Martindale.

To obtain a free parking pass, residents must visit Martindale City Hall during regular business hours and provide proof of residency, such as a valid ID or utility bill. City officials will process the registrations and issue the parking passes, allowing residents to enjoy the park facilities without any additional cost.

The revenue generated from the parking fees will be utilized to support ongoing maintenance and improvement efforts in Allan Bates Park and Phase 1. This includes initiatives to enhance recreational amenities, improve infrastructure, and ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all park visitors.

The City of Martindale encourages all residents and visitors to comply with the new parking policy. By adhering to the designated parking regulations, we can collectively contribute to the betterment of our community and the preservation of our beloved park spaces.

For any inquiries or further information regarding the new parking policy, residents are encouraged to contact Martindale City Hall at 512-357-2639, or visit Martindale City Hall.


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