Monsen steps down as LISD Boys’ AD


By Teri Reed

Bryce Monsen stepped down from his position as Lockhart High School”s head football coach and boys” athletic director on Wednesday, Feb. 16, to take over as the head football coach and athletic director at Temple High School.
Temple ISD, a 5-A school district, contacted Monsen about the new job position.
“I had a great expe

rience here at Lockhart,” said Monsen. “I am sad that it has come to an end only after two years, but I didn”t apply at Temple. They came and asked me.”
Dr. John Hall, supertindent for Lockhart ISD, has appointed Darrell Brock as the interim boys” athletic director.
“He [Brock] has the skill, the experience, the expertise, the mind, the soul and the heart,” said Hall. “I am really glad he is here for us. He is a humble man who loves the kids, and he can see the value of progress in each child.
“In one meeting I was with administrators I asked them “If you were a high school athlete who would you want to see leading the program?” They responded with…well… “It”s gotta be Brock”,” said Hall.
Brock said he was surprised by Hall”s offer for the position, and was happy to accept the task.
When Monsen announced to the athletes that he was moving to Temple, Hall was there to talk with them about what was going to happen.
“When I went out to talk with the athletes this week, I told them that people were looking at them and watching,” said Hall. “They are looking to see what kind of character you have to respond to the challenge. And I really believe that you guys have the character to move on to the valley of adversity.
“With every challenge comes opportunitites. We need to look at this in the best light and move the organization forward,” Hall added.
Brock has been a coach at Lockhart for seven years, and knows the boys” athletic program well.
“It was good to have Dr. Hall talk to the kids,” said Brock. “He helped make it a smooth transition for them and myself.
“My goal is to keep the program going in a positive manner and keep the kids excited. I am extremely honored and excited to work here with these athletes,” Brock said.
Even though Monsen lived in Temple for eight years, He said it was a hard to make the decision to move and leave Lockhart.
“It”s been real enjoyable here, and everyone has treated my family well.
After talking with my family, I decided to take the job. Temple is where I lived for eight years. It is just a great opportunity, and I want to take the challenge,” Monsen said.
Monsen is leaving the Lockhart football program on a high note after leading them to the play-offs this past season, and he feels that Brock will continue with his previous efforts.
“Brock will do wonderful as the interim coach. He has been around the block. He is a great man and a hard worker. He understands how to get into the playoffs. I know he will take care of the kids and take care of Lockhart”s facilities.
“I told the kids that I expect them to continue their march and work hard. We expect nothing less than getting into playoffs and advancing. We always talked about one heartbeat to the kids. I told them this is the time to bring their heart together and really stick by each other. I want them to support whoever gets the head job and work hard for them to win.
Currently, Hall is unsure about who will take over as the boys” athletic director and head football coach. He plans to do a detailed search for a well-suited applicant.
“We are going to do statewide, nationwide, international…I”m just kidding with the international wide… search,” Hall said while laughing at his remark. “We are going to do the broadest search possible to get the best possible candidate that will motivate and train our athletes. We want to find someone that will lead them on to state victory.”
Whoever applies for the position will have big shoes to fill in the eyes of Hall.
“Monsen speaks well for us, speaks well for Lockhart, and speaks well for those young athletes that have worked so hard,” said Hall. “He is a great guy, but there are great people that come in and out of our lives. All you can do is hang on to the great stuff they have while you have them. We can”t let go of the good memories with Monsen, but we also can”t dwell on them. We have to move onto the next step.”
When asked what his feelings were on Monsen”s biggest impact, Hall responded with the answer “the Big Golden E.”
The “E” stand for enthusiasm. He was a person that recognized possibilities. He gave each athlete a fair chance to prove themselves. He didn”t put people in categories, besides that they were all one big team.
I hate to see him leave, but it is a good move for him. He is going to be able to work with a large organization. He”s is going to have a larger impact on a larger amount of kids. I think that if you have a bright light you should share it with as many people as you can. He will touch more lives in Temple.
“Some people have a job, some people have a position, some people have a profession and some people have a ministry. I would say Monsen has a football ministry. He is going to missed and won”t be forgotten.


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