Letters – Neighbors praise Sheriff’s Dept.


To the Editor:

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the Caldwell County Sheriff’s Office, and especially Daniel Law, for the prompt and courteous response to several situations present in our northeast part of the county.

Deputies Allen, Evans and Miller are to be especially commended for their thoroughness and their caring attitude (we were more than just a

report). We were kept informed of their progress and actually were impressed with the promptness the Sheriff’s Department was able to resolve from start to finish all situations.

It is refreshing to see deputies of this caliber and truly a reflection of the good work Daniel Law is doing in Caldwell County.


Robert and Joyce Cheatham

The Keenan Family

Rick and Kelly Cheatham

Bud and Rosie Cheatham

Duane Foster

Charles D. Lawson

Andy Alif

Buddy Dornak

Carl Pemberton


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