Oh Christmas Tree


Every year, I am surprised at how quickly people begin to decorate their homes for Christmas. It used to be “early” if you decorated the weekend after Thanksgiving, since it was customary to decorate in December.

This year, most of my neighborhood was outside, on roofs, in driveways and on ladders just after Halloween. The clock started ticking in my head. As soon as I got home, I took out my planner to start the “List.” You know the list, who gets what, food, travel, etc.

Next, what to do about the tree and the cats. It is just unfair to taunt them with this huge toy that glitters and blinks and tinkles. As much as I love my cats, I can’t have them breaking every ornament.

This past year, I did some research for ways to keep the cats away from the tree. I am using a three-stage approach. First, we’ll continue to use Tea Tree Oil on cotton wipes which worked about half the time last Christmas. This year we will add double-sided tape sheets and a foil barrier. This should cover smell, touch and sound. I think we might have a good deterrent system. Amazon to the rescue!

Speaking of sparkly trees, ornaments! In our family, we make a point to add a new ornament to the tree every year. Our tree is a happy clash of color and chaos.

For 2022, I have chosen to make fabric folded stars. This would be a great family time activity. You can make them from fabric or double-sided scrapbook paper. The fabric stars appeal to me because I can embellish them when everyone finishes theirs. And they can be used on the tree and in so many other places. Once you make one star, you’ll see how quickly you can make more. The paper ones make beautiful gift tags.

To make a star, simply visit www.Stitchology.co and look under Sewing Projects. If it is difficult for you to access the internet, send an e-mail to LPRNewspaper@Stitchology.co requesting the project sheet, and I will gladly e-mail you back the pattern in full color so you can see it on your phone or print it out to follow along. I look forward to seeing how your star(s) turns out. If you can complete a fabric star or two (or more) buy Dec. 22, e-mail me a picture of your project, the name you would like me to credit the picture to, your e-mail address, and phone number. You might find that you get a little something if your star is chosen “Best of Folded Stars”. The winner will be notified by Dec. 30. All stars will be featured on the Christmas Stars page of Stitchology with the name you included for credit. And the winner will be announced in the Lockhart Post Register on Dec. 30. I look forward to seeing your creations.


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