On the Road Again


By LPR Staff

Lockhart received the long end of the stick on Monday morning, when the University Interscholastic League announced the District Realignments for the 2016-2018 school years.
Over the last four years, Lockhart athletes have grown accustomed to long periods of travel, as they face foes on the court such as Kerrvi

lle Tivy and Boerne-Champion. Beginning next year, the Lions will add more travel to their schedule, with Castroville Medina Valley, Dripping Springs and Marble Falls added to the roster.
“It doesn’t make sense, the way they drew the district this year,” said Sheila Henderson, Executive Director of Athletics and UIL Activities. “We’re really the only school east of San Antonio. I feel like we should have been grouped with the Austin schools, even the San Antonio schools. This grouping doesn’t make sense, because of the travel.”
All told, Lockhart students will travel more than 1,000 total miles per sports season as they compete in the new District 26-5A.
The District includes familiar faces such as Seguin, Alamo Heights, Kerrville Tivy and Boerne-Champion, and new rivals, Marble Falls, Dripping Springs and Medina Valley.
“Playing in the district we’ve been in for the last four years has raised the bar for all of our athletes,” Assistant Athletic Director and Head Football Coach Brian Herman said. “So we aren’t worried about that. But being on a bus for a couple of hours, and then playing a game and getting back on the bus for a few more hours takes a toll on the kids.”
Further, they said, the increase in travel will increase the budget for the Athletic Department, as expenses such as gas, bus maintenance and student meals appeared to not factor into UIL’s decision.
“As far as football is concerned, it’s going to be a competitive district,” Herman said. “It’s going to be a situation where every team is going to have to fight every week for the win, and I can see situations where there are going to be a lot of tiebreakers going into the playoffs.”
Additionally, they noted, the incoming schools each carry histories of success in volleyball, basketball, track and softball.
It was unclear at press time if Henderson and Superintendent Susan K. Bohn intend to appeal the decision to UIL in the hopes of being placed in a District with less travel time. If they choose to appeal, the request, the required paperwork must be filed by Feb. 11.
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