One dead after armed standoff


By LPR Staff

A standoff that began after a car accident and a residential fire in rural Caldwell County ended with one man dead and two state-level organizations performing investigations.

Just after 10 a.m. on Tuesday morning, emergency responders were dispatched to a traffic accident and reports of “a large amount of black smoke”

near the intersection of Jewell Lane and Westwood Road, southwest of Lockhart.

Upon arriving at the scene, Caldwell County Sheriff”s deputies were greeted by an individual brandishing a firearm and refusing to comply with officers” commands.

To ensure the safety of emergency responders, deputies sealed the scene and asked fire department and EMS first responders to “stage” near the scene of the fire, until the armed individual could be taken into custody.

In the near hour that followed, shots were fired both by deputies and the suspect, who Caldwell County Sheriff Daniel Law said was seen to turn his weapon on himself and take his own life.

Because a law enforcement officer was involved in the shooting, the Texas Rangers were called in to investigate the incident. Initial reports suggest the deputies were not responsible for the fatality.

No one else was reported to be injured in the standoff. The man was later identified as Guy Raymond Murray, 36.

According to firefighters familiar with the scene, the residence was a near total loss. Arson was suspected to be a factor in the fire, and the State Fire Marshal”s Office continues to investigate.

At least twice on Tuesday afternoon, firefighters were dispatched back to the scene of the fire when neighbors reported concerns the fire had rekindled.

Others familiar with the scene said prior to the fire, the suspect had driven his vehicle through at least one fence in the area, spawning the vehicle accident call.

Representatives of the Caldwell County Sheriff”s Department said on Tuesday evening the incident was still under investigation, and offered no explanation as to the circumstances that set the deadly standoff in motion.


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