Pitre recognized for cemetery work


By Kyle Mooty

LPR Editor

Janet Pitre has made sure that the Lockhart City Cemetery and Hooks Cemetery are alive and well.

Pitre was honored Thursday with a Certificate of Appreciation from Lockhart Mayor Lew White during a luncheon in her honor at The Original Black’s Barbecue.

Harry Hilgers, who organized the surprise meeting at Black’s, including having a poster of Wonder Woman with Pitre’s name on top.

“What we are having this meeting for today is to honor this person who would have never been honored in the past, and one who I have found to be much wiser than myself,” Hilgers said. “I couldn’t do without her.”

Hilgers, now 95, a one-time classical singer, sang a short song to Pitre.

“There’s been a lot of people behind us to get us to where we are,” Pitre said. “This has been a wonderful surprise.”

White read the Certificate of Appreciation to Pitre and others at the luncheon, but also personally praised both Hilgers and Pitre for her work with the cemeteries. Also, on hand representing the city were City Manager Steve Lewis and Parks and Rection Director Travis Hughes.

“Since I’ve been mayor, that cemetery has never gotten as much attention until Harry started to lead the charge,” White said. “He’s pointed out some issues in the cemetery and scared up some donations and volunteers to help clean it up. Harry brought a real enthusiastic group of volunteers on cleanup days.

“We really appreciate Janet’s efforts. This is a strong piece of history to Lockhart Volunteerism ebbs and flows; people lose interest and can’t keep up sometimes. We appreciate you keeping the cemetery in the forefront.”


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