Police seek suspect in armed robberies


By LPR Staff

A rash of armed robberies across Lockhart has police puzzled and business owners concerned this week.
According to Lt. Chris Knudsen, the head of the department”s Criminal Investigations Division, there have been four robberies in the last three weeks, all likely committed by the same suspect.
“We have a descriptio

n, a black male, of average height and build, wearing a ski mask,” Knudsen said. “The suspect has said that he is armed, but we have not had reports of anyone actually seeing a gun.”
Four stores, Texas Express, Golden Chick, Subway and Lockhart Grocery are confirmed to have been robbed.
Knudsen said the robberies were not immediately reported to the public for a number of reasons.
“We don”t want stores to get robbed,” he said. “But from an investigative standpoint, we were trying to see if [the suspect] would establish a pattern, or if we were looking at isolated incidents.”
The decision caused heartburn for some local residents.
“If there are people out there getting robbed at gunpoint, the police should have told the people about it,” said one clerk at a convenience store, who asked not to be identified. “We heard about it on the street, and we could have been one of the stores that got hit – or we could be next.”
After the third robbery, last week, police came forward with information about the crimes and took measures to protect businesses.
“We are putting some additional measures in place,” he said. “Everything that we can do to catch this guy, we”re doing.”
Anyone with information about these robberies is asked to contact the Lockhart Police Department at 398-4401.
In other police news, an ongoing narcotics investigation yielded four more arrests last week. On Oct. 9, police served a warrant on a Crockett Street residence, working off a tip from a School Resource Officer. Lummus said the ensuing search of the home turned up a “useable amount of marijuana and resulted in two arrests.
Then, on Oct. 11, police delivered an arrest warrant for a wanted person on Veteran Street. The suspect initially failed to identify himself correctly, and was then taken into custody. Police found 1.5 grams of crack cocaine in the residence, which they believe the suspect intended to sell.
A second suspect at the residence was taken into custody for possession of marijuana.


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