Recall effort fails


68 vote margin secures Bertram”s position

By LPR Staff

After more than a year of citizens discussing, criticizing and defending Mayor James “Jimmy” Bertram”s job performance, the citizens of Lockhart decided on Tuesday night that Bertram can keep his job.
More than twice the voters that participated in the last mayoral electio

n hit the polls during this election cycle, in large part to answer the question as to whether Bertram should be recalled from his office. Of those voters 1,286 (48.71 percent) thought that he should be removed from office, while the remaining 1,354 (51.29 percent) voted to allow him to complete his scheduled term.
While the victory was not the 80-percent margin the embattled mayor boasted he would win in the past, he still feels the message was clear.
“I”m thankful that so many people got out there and got involved,” he said. “We had more than twice the voters we had in the last election. I”m also thankful that so many voters have confidence in me and in the direction the city is heading. Now we need to put this behind us and move on with the people”s business.”
Bertram vowed to do anything he can to bring the community back together.
The second issue on the city”s special election ballot, a referendum asking to enact civil service laws, passed resoundingly. More than 68 percent of the 2,522 voters that addressed the issue voted for civil service, despite the possibility that civil service could cost taxpayers additional money. Only 802 voters (31.55 percent) voted against civil service.
According to Lockhart Police Association president Larry Simmons, Jr., civil service will not go into effect until next October, in alignment with the city”s budget year. Simmons, who along with other members of the LPA and the Lockhart Professional Firefighters Assocation was instrumental in spearheading the referendum is excited about the coming change.
“Lockhart police officers and firefighters fought an uphill battle on this issue,” he said. “We are grateful to everyone that supported us in our efforts to have a more professional work environment, and we really just want to thank everyone for their help.”


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