Rosa Castillo


In the gentle embrace of hope, we bid farewell to our beloved Persephone Rosa Castillo, the cherished infant daughter of Anastacia Benita Castillo and Joseph Isaiah Flores. Though her time with us was fleeting, she brought an abundance of love and anticipation into our lives.
In addition to her loving parents, Persephone is survived by her maternal grandfather, Guadalupe Castillo, and paternal grandmother, Krystal Gil, maternal grandmother, Melida Flores, Great-grandmother, Sylvia Castillo, aunts, Margarita, Valencia, Maria, Maria del Rosario, Ysabel, Brooklyn, Angelica, Olivia, and Bella Castillo, Sara, Audrianna, and Alexsandra Flores, uncles, Joey and Joel Flores, Great-aunts, San Juana and Mary Ann Castillo, great-uncles, Francisco, Inocencio, Jose, Juan, and Jesus Castillo.
Persephone was preceded in death by her great-grandfather, Inosencio Castillo, and paternal grandfather, Jose Lopez.
Visitation to honor Persephone’s memory will be held at DeLeon Funeral Home starting at 9:00 a.m. on Monday, April 1, 2024. Funeral service will be officiated by Deacon Scott Dillon and commence at 12:00 noon, followed by the interment at St. Mary’s Catholic Cemetery.
As we mourn the loss of our dear Persephone, let us find comfort in the love she brought to her family. May she rest peacefully in the embrace of angels, forever cherished in our hearts.


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