Seven-seater bike thrills teachers and students


By Alonzo Garza

Like something out of a science fiction movie or a three-ring circus, the seven-seater bike took Bluebonnet students and teachers by surprise.
Some curious, risk taking teachers took it upon themselves to force the not-so-willing teachers to partake in their seven-passenger, death-defying bike ride around an obstacle course on

the Bluebonnet Elementary parking lot on Wednesday, May 28.
The “Not Your Usual Bikes” bike was rented by Bluebonnet Elementary to celebrate the end of the school year along with the usual jumping castle, giant water slide, dunking booth and various other summer and water games.
Without a doubt, the star of the day was the unusual bike.
Apparently, the bike has made it to prime time and was featured in an “Amazing Race” episode. Still it was not its TV appearance, but the fact that local teachers took it for a ride as their students cheered them on that made it a big hit at Bluebonnet.
The only bike of its kind in Texas, it has Porsche engineered steering, which allows for easy handling and is equipped with front and rear hydraulic brakes for easy stops.
Wes and Susana Stone of Austin had their bike shipped from Germany, where it was handcrafted to have an exceptionally smooth ride. The bike’s maximum speed is 15 miles per hour and it is street legal with parking brakes and lights.
Teachers at Bluebonnet went crazy for the bike after their first time around the obstacle course. The pedaling increased as their fears diminished, making for an entertaining afternoon. Attempts at 360-degree turns were “hit and miss,” to the delight of the children.
Having participated in an unexpected workout, teachers were both thrilled and exhausted after their joy riding came to an end.
The smiles on the teacher’s faces told the whole story. Summer is here and the end of school stress was left behind after their revitalizing cruise on the “Not Your Usual Bike.”
Have a great summer!


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