Students commended for quick action


By Miles Smith

Lockhart Junior High School officials on Monday commended students who swiftly reported a fellow student playing with fire in the school gym, crediting them with potentially preventing a bigger problem.
School principal Lori Davis sent a letter home to parents notifying them that at 12:25 p.m. Monday, two students reported witnessing another student in the gym playing with “a lighter and combustible materials.” Davis said the students went immediately to school resource officer Chad Corbitt with the Lockhart Police Department and reported what they had seen.
“The officer immediately contacted me about the report, and we responded to the gymnasium and investigated the situation,” Davis wrote in the letter. “While the student’s behavior was reckless, the officer determined there was no intent to harm any students or staff.
Davis said that campus administration was working with law enforcement to investigate the incident and was developing a safety plan for the student to prevent further recklessness and keep students safe.
“I want to thank the students who quickly notified the school resource officer so he could take immediate action,” Davis wrote. “Please encourage your children to reach out to an adult any time they see or hear anything that could be unsafe.
“I also want to thank (Corbitt) for his swift response and continuous presence on our campus.”


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