Teacher of the Week


Name and grade you teach: Sarah Glawe, Kindergarten.

What subjects do you teach? General Kinder.

Hometown: Allen, Texas.

Where did you graduate and with what degree(s)? I graduated from MSU Texas with a degree in interdisciplinary studies with an EC-6 certificatin.

Favorite thing(s) about teaching at Lockhart ISD: The amount of support that we receive as teachers. I feel respected, cared for, and genuinely heard.

How would your friends describe you? I hope that my friends would describe me as energetic, thoughtful, and caring.

What values are most important to you? I think that kindness and patience are some of my most important values.

Talents: Playing volleyball and crocheting.

Favorite books: No David

Favorite music: Indie Rock

Hobbies: Yoga, lifting, cooking , watching movies.

What brings you hope? Children bring me hope! They’re the best thing about the future.

Family: Mom, Dad, and brother (Kay Glawe, Tracy Glawe, and Sam Glawe). I also have two dogs and a rabbit (Tobin, Pickle, and Willow).


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