Texas Downtown looks upon Lockhart most favorably


By Kyle Mooty

LPR Editor

Suzy Lawrence, Executive Director of Texas Downtown, visited Lockhart recently and praised the city for its historic charm, diversity, and community support.

Texas Downtown, founded in 1985 to connect and serve downtown professionals, said its mission today is to provide members with resources, advocacy, education, and connections to develop vibrant districts.

Sally Daniel is President of the Lockhart Downtown Business Association.

“While Lockhart is a dynamic, fast-growing community, the people, places, and landscape are warm reminders of its rich Texas history,” Lawrence said. “Centrally located between the state’s capital (Austin) and San Antonio, Lockhart is committed to healthy population growth demonstrated by its investment in improved infrastructure, including investments in its historic downtown. Local leadership that demonstrates an eye for the future while also considering preservation and community identity is what sets Lockhart apart today and will continue to set Lockhart apart tomorrow.”

Lawrence said Lockhart was adding support from within, something she said would benefit both those already here as well as those planning on relocating to the area.

“Downtown Lockhart, while already wonderfully charming, can benefit from planned revitalization efforts and increased community engagement,” Lawrence said. “To foster a resilient downtown, downtown businesses will need regular support as the downtown landscape adapts to meet its full potential. Regular support can include consistent city communication, local patronage and advocacy for downtown businesses, and organized, consistent leadership from downtown stakeholders.”

Lockhart’s Downtown Revitalization Project is set to begin within the next month or two, adding to the beauty of the downtown area while making it more pedestrian friendly.

“Downtown Lockhart thrives due to its historic charm, diverse business mix, and continued community support,” Lawrence said. “The preservation of heritage architecture, coupled with a nationally recognized culinary scene, creates a unique and charming atmosphere for native Texans and visitors alike. Local events highlight community pride, while creative adaptations for expanded downtown experiences make Lockhart a successful and lively destination for all.”


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