The greatest wedding of all


Grandpa Graham often said with a laugh, “Ignorance is bliss!” To which Grammy Graham would reply, “Only till you learn better!” Then they would just smile at each other. It was something between them I was too young to grasp. But I wish I was ignorant to the feeling of not having them around anymore.

Surviving the holidays with all the hustle and bustle they bring, coupled with a close relative’s wedding in two days has me yearning for the bliss of my younger self’s perspective… sitting, reminiscing, I can see myself watching my older brother shine his shoes. Wondering for a time, then saying… ‘What ya doing?’

‘Shining my dress shoes for the wedding peep squeak.’

‘Oh… why?’

‘Because they were dirty.’


‘Listen, I don’t have time to answer your questions, go ask mom.’

Running to find mom, she’s standing with a hot iron in her hand leaning over a funny looking board. Not now sweetie, Mommy’s trying to get a lot done. ‘It’s a wedding day and these clothes won’t press themselves.’

‘Okay, Mommy. I’ll go ask Daddy.’

Daddy is staring at himself in the mirror with soap lather on his face shaving.

‘Sorry little man, Daddy’s got lot’s to do. I think Grammy went to the kitchen.’

Skipping to the kitchen calling Grammy, I see she’s pouring coffee. Turning, she smiles warmly, bending low she hugs my neck asking.

‘How is Grammy’s little soldier this morning?

‘It’s wedding day Grammy! Bubba’s busy, Mommy’s busy, Daddy’s busy, is Grammy busy?’

‘Not to busy for my little sunshine, let’s sit right here and you tell me about it.’

‘Grammy, why is a wedding today? Why do I have to wear my Sunday clothes? Is it at the Church? Will there be other kids?’

“Well,” Grammy said. “That’s a lot of questions, but let me see if I can help you understand a little. There is a wedding today because your cousin and her boyfriend love each other so much that they want to live together and raise a family like your Mommy and Daddy. So, everyone that loves them comes together with them to celebrate the love they have for each other. Since it’s a special day we wear special clothes. We go to the Church with everyone because we believe God created marriage and we ask Him to bless the new couple. And since all ages of people love God and your family, yes there will be children there.”

Then with a faraway look in her eyes she said, “One day when God allows, I will join your Grandpa in heaven where they are preparing a wedding that has never been seen before, complete with a huge feast.”

‘Really… really Grammy?’

‘Yes sir, that’s what the Bible says. In a book of the Bible named Revelation it tells of the tremendous love that Jesus has for his bride. It tells of the wondrous wedding feast he is preparing, where all those that love Jesus and have accepted His love will experience the fullness of His promise. We will be given new clothes to wear, a new way of living and a new song to sing where our faces will shine like the sun.’

With wide open eyes showing a look of amazement and wonder, all I could do was listen as Grammy spoke of Jesus and his love for me. At that moment as I sat with Grammy at the table, the love she spoke about became so real in my heart that I just knew Jesus wanted me at His wedding… it all seems like just yesterday I think to myself.

Wiping a tear from my eye, I address God with a whisper, “Thank you Father for loving me so much. Thank you for providing a way for me to be in your presence forever. Lord Jesus, I need your touch, the calling is daunting and my endurance is weak. Wash Your Spirit over me that I may be renewed to face the tasks you have placed within my hands. The world has lost touch with the reality of Your truth. Yet I know only in You are we able to experience the fullness of eternal life. Father, send workers into the field for the Wedding Feast approaches and so many have not accepted the invitation. Lord, raise up your children and cleanse the Church, for she is the Bride You ransomed. Show the world the true nature of Your Bride. Pour your Love as fragrant oil upon all those in need. Creating in us a spirit of peace and love that shows the world who we belong too. 

“For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son. That we might believe in Him therefore securing life eternal.”


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