The Original Black’s BBQ Teacher of the Week


Name and grade you teach and at which school: Amara Lee Garza; Bluebonnet Elementary School.

Subjects: “I am a first grade bilingual teacher, and I teach all subjects in English & Spanish.”

Hometown:  “I grew up in Lockhart.”

Where did you graduate? St. Edward’s University with a Bachelors of Science in Biology. “I graduated from Texas State University with my Masters of Science in Population and Conservation Biology.”

Favorite thing(s) about teaching at Lockhart ISD: “I love being able to teach the bilingual students in the same town I grew up in. The support from our community is so valuable and makes it possible for Bluebonnet students to have amazing experiences.”

How would your friends describe you? “I asked my friends how they would describe me and they sent me the following: ‘Amara is a kind, genuine, and loving friend who listens without judgment, offers support unconditionally, and shows empathy in both good times and bad. Amara’s warmth and compassion create a safe space where you feel accepted and cherished for who you are.” 

What values are important to you? “The values I treasure are kindness and hard work, because I believe that’s all it takes to change the world.”

Talents: Singing, trivia, and taking pictures of nature.

Favorite Books: Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen, Frederick by Leo Lionni, and Gustavo el fantasma timido by Flavia Z. Drago

Favorite Music: “My favorite music includes Selena, Coldplay, and anything I can dance to.”

Hobbies: “My hobbies include taking pictures of butterflies and wildflowers on nature walks, reading, painting with watercolors,  and karaoke.”

What inspires you? “I am inspired by the beauty and interconnectedness of the universe and nature. This inspiration fuels my passion for exploring and understanding the world around us, and it motivates me to share these wonders with my students to teach them to appreciate the awe-inspiring complexity and harmony that surrounds us.”

Family: “My family includes my mom, Gabby; my two sisters, Avana and Amaya; and my two brothers, Abram and Alain.”


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