UIL releases new schedule for high school sports


By Wesley Gardner
LPR Editor

The University Interscholastic League (UIL) released its revised schedule for high school sports last week, pushing the designated first days of practice and regular season games back a month.
For the Lockhart High School football team, that means players will be allowed to begin practice on Sept. 7, with their first regular season game scheduled for Sept. 25.
Athletic Director and head football Coach Todd Moebes said the extra time will give his football team a great opportunity to prepare for the season after missing out on most of last year’s offseason due to restrictions imposed to reduce the spread of Covid-19.
“As far as the amount of time that the UIL has granted us to get our kids prepared, it’s really a great opportunity for us to jump in on the first day of practice maybe further along than where would have been on Aug. 3,” said Moebes.
Concerning the training his athletes are completing now, Moebes said it doesn’t look much different from where they’d usually be at this point in the season.
“For us at this point in time, it’s been business as normal,” said Moebes. “Obviously, we have some new procedures and guidelines that were following and making some advancements to secure the safety of our staff and students, but when it’s time to work, it’s time to work.
“I’ve been very grateful of the job that the UIL has done. I certainly respect the tough task that they have. They’ve been patient and have given us a plan of attack moving forward. I’m excited about it.”
After school’s shut down in March, Moebes and his athletic staff would issue workout plans and instructions to their athletes digitally – something he said was pleased to see the athletes actually take on.
“When we got started, we certainly could not assume that they were going to be at a certain fitness level where they would have been if we had a normal offseason,” said Moebes. “I was proud of our coaching staff’s approach, knowing that we would have to work them back into a certain shape.
“A lot of kids did not have the weight equipment that we’re able to provide at school, so we’ve had to work our way back to that level. I was really pleased at the way that our kids came in … They were at a good level and we’ve been able to progress that level throughout the summer.”
Moebes noted the schedule shifting back a month could actually benefit his team in terms of weather.
“Our first game is not scheduled until Sept. 25,” said Moebes. “We still live in Central Texas, so it’s still going to warm. In a regular season, you end at the beginning of November, and we’ll be playing through Thanksgiving into the first week of December. I think the weather and whatever else will be a benefit.”


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