Vehicle burglaries on the rise


By LPR Staff



While the dog days of summer often bring with them a decrease in violent crime, a summer staple in Lockhart and Caldwell County seems to be an increase in car burglaries. This summer is shaping up to be no exception.

Last week alone, Caldwell County deputies made two arrests in rural Caldwell County, one in

Martindale and another in Fentress, wherein the suspects were accused – and in one case caught in the act – of Burglary of a Vehicle.

The Martindale arrest occurred on July 24 when a resident returned home with members of his family, including an off-duty DPS trooper, to see the interior light on in his vehicle. The subject, the witnesses said, was “standing on the passenger side of the truck looking for something.”

The suspect was detained by the family until deputies arrived and took him into custody. He later admitted not only to that burglary, but to others in the area.

In an unrelated incident, deputies received reports of a burglary of a vehicle in the Fentress area, and shortly afterward arrested a man in Lockhart in possession of the stolen property.

Lockhart police, as well, have reported several incidences of burglary of a vehicle as the summer bears down. In many cases, though, these burglaries go unreported because vehicle owners left their car doors unlocked or windows open, making it easy for criminals to steal their belongings.

To protect themselves, police say, drivers should always remove valuables from their vehicles, or store them out of sight, and always lock their cars and trucks.

Additionally, experts say that vehicles parked in well-lit areas are less likely to be burglarized.

Lockhart and Caldwell County residents are urged to be vigilant in observing their surroundings and their neighborhoods, and to report any suspicious activity to the Lockhart Police Department at (512) 398-4401 or the Caldwell County Sheriff’s Office at (512) 398-6777. If you witness a crime being committed, dial 9-1-1.



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