Young Lions hit practice fields at Camp Champion


By Alonzo Garza

Student athletes and aspiring football players hit the Lockhart High School practice fields last week with LISD coaches as their mentors and motivators. During the course of the Camp Champion summer program, student athletes were offered beneficial training through individual attention on basic skills and fundamentals of football.
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Incoming seventh, eighth and ninth graders experienced Camp Champion beginning at 8:30 a.m. on Monday, July 21. Eager to learn all they could about football, students arrived prepared for the next four days.
Throughout the camp, young Lions were challenged through agility training and weight training. In agility training, athletes learned the basic techniques for the Lion mat drills through a quickness program. In weight training, they learned the basic techniques of the Lion strength program.
In addition to learning about the basic fundamentals of their individual positions, student athletes also learned about training room procedures and the proper medical care for injuries.
The camp also allowed coaches to seek out potential star athletes and recognize raw talent that may or may not be molded into a winning athlete.
It is a valuable tool for LHS coaches seeking to build a strong, quick and smart team for the upcoming football season.
All in all, Camp Champion provided 65 aspiring Lockhart Lions an opportunity to experience a little bit of the sacrifice that will be necessary to make the team and, more importantly, stay on it.
See you on the field


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