Akins Lady Eagles deliver tough losses to Lady Lions


Freshmen, JV end year with back-to-back losses
By Alonzo Garza

Last Friday, Dec. 29, in the last home games of 2006 at LHS Lion Gym, the freshman and Junior Varsity Lady Lion Basketball teams squared off against the Austin Akin Lady Eagles and ended their year with two more losses. The freshman did very well up until the last quarter while th

e Junior Varsity struggled just to keep up with the outstanding plays and shots by the JV Lady Eagles. The freshman lost with a score of 55-46 and the JV came away with another tough loss with a score of 78-22.

Freshmen vs. Akins
In the freshman game, the Lady Lions scored 10 points in the first quarter. Amanda Alvarez shot a couple of two-pointers while Alisha Officer also shot a pair of two-pointers and two free throws for the Lady Lions. Unfortunately, the Lady Eagles put 20 points on the scoreboard for their team.
In the second quarter, the Lady Lions fared a little better and the Lady Eagles slacked off a bit. The Lady Lions earned 14 points to put on the scoreboard and the Lady Eagles could only earn five. Scoring for the Lions were Alvarez with two points, Officer with four points, Desirea Winn with four points and Audry Valdez with two points. The first half of the game ended with a close 25-24 score with the Lady Eagles up by only one point.
The third quarter of the game was the most exciting since the game score kept creeping up by 13 points for each team. By the end of the quarter the game”s score was at 38-37 with the Lady Eagles still ahead by one. Scoring for the Lions in the third were Alvarez with two points, Andrea McKinney with two points, Winn with two points, Valdez with a couple of two pointers and a couple of free throws and Kaela Amirkabirian with one free throw.
In the fourth quarter the Lady Eagles came out determined to win allowing the Lady Lions to score only nine additional points while they plowed on, scoring 17 more points. Scoring for the Lady Lions in the fourth were Alvarez with two two-pointers, McKinney with one two-pointer and Officer with one two-pointer and a free throw. It was good to see the Freshmen giving it all they had. They played well but the Lady Eagles played better. In the end the Eagles were too much for the Lady Lions and the Freshmen had to settle for a 55-46 loss.
JV vs. Akins
The Junior Varsity game was harder to watch. In their defense, the Lady Lion JV team was missing some teammates and a coach. It may not have made a difference in the score or the game but it is worth noting if simply for the record.
In the first quarter, the Lady Lions were only able to put two points on the scoreboard. The two points were compliments of Leslie Jacobs who made two free throw shots. The JV Lady Eagles, on the other hand, put 29 points on the scoreboard for a first quarter score of 29-2.
In the second quarter there was more of the same. The Lady Lions put two more points on the board thanks to Jeanee Harmon. The Lady Eagles soared once again, adding 26 points to their score for a 55-4 score at the half.
The third quarter was an interesting one with the addition of some familiar players to the Lion team. The new players helped improve the game dramatically in both the defense and the offense. The Eagles were caught off guard and only earned eight points in the third quarter because of great defensive plays. The Lions had their highest scoring quarter of the game in the third with 12 points. Chelsey Martinez scored four points, Alisha Officer scored four points, and Teie Harris and Bethany Horton picked up two points each. The third quarter ended with a score of 63-16.
The last quarter had the Eagles finding their footing again and scoring 15 additional points while the Lions were only able to earn six final points closing the scoring at 78-22 for an Eagle win. The final six points were a contribution from Cortney Ferris with two points, Horton with two points and Jacobs with two points.


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