Arrest brings Secret Service to Lockhart


By LPR Staff

According to a statement from Lockhart Police Chief Frank Coggins on Tuesday, federal authorities are investigating an Austin couple arrested in Lockhart recently.
The couple was arrested after they attempted to pass a counterfeit $50 bill at a local restaurant. The clerk at the restaurant apparently thought the bill loo

ked strange, and the staff contacted authorities.
Meanwhile, the couple left the restaurant, claiming that their order had taken too long. They were later stopped by Officer Wade Gott.
Working with Officer Gregg Slade, the restaurant employees determined that the bill was, in fact, a counterfeit. Based on this evidence, the suspects were arrested and their vehicle searched.
Coggins said the search yielded a “laundry list” of counterfeit bills, a forged company check, credit cards and identification cards in false names and equipment to be used for creating more counterfeit bills.
The extensive nature of the evidence led authorities to contact the United States Secret Service, who sent agents to Lockhart to interview the suspects, who were being held in the Caldwell County Jail.
Although the investigation remains open, Coggins expects that further arrests will be made by federal authorities. Because the investigation is pending, he declined to release the names of the suspects.
“Forgers and counterfeiters cause millions of dollars in losses to businesses each year,” he said. “These losses translate into higher prices for honest consumers.”
Coggins offered a special thanks to the restaurant”s employees.
“Their prompt action resulted in the arrest of two professional crooks.”
To report suspicious, non-emergency activity in your neighborhood or business, contact the Lockhart Police Department at 398-4401. For emergencies, dial 9-1-1 immediately.


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