Bertram wins mayoral race


By LPR Staff

Fewer than 20 percent of Lockhart”s registered voters chose Lockhart”s new mayor and decided on proposed amendments to the city”s charter on Saturday.
A total of four candidates appeared on the ballot to fill seats on the Lockhart City Council.
Incumbent District 3 councilmember Lew White ran unopposed for reelecti

on to his seat. In District 4, Lockhart newcomer Michael Sanders ran unopposed for the position vacated by current councilmember James “Jimmy” Bertram, who chose to run for mayor.
Bertram was successful in his bid for the mayor”s office against Tiffany Kowal. Bertram earned 795 votes, just under 60 percent of the total voter turnout. Kowal answered with 544 votes, just over 40 percent.
“I”m very proud that the citizens of Lockhart put their faith in me,” Bertram said upon hearing the final results. “It”s the start of a new era in Lockhart, and I want this community to grow and prosper. It”s not up to me alone to make that happen, though… We all have to work together to keep our community growing in the right way.”
According to members of the Kowal camp, the very fact that she earned 40 percent of the vote proved the point that the citizens of Lockhart are ready for a change.
The ballot also presented seven amendments to the city charter for voter approval.
The propositions address a variety of issues, from the employment of the city attorney to requirements to serve on the council to guidelines determining who can initiate legislation.
Supporters of the seven amendments claim that each amendment, proposed by the Charter Review Committee earlier this year, serves only to update the charter and bring it in line with current state laws. Opponents, however, suggested that some of the amendments will limit the rights of voters to petition the government.
Despite the controversy surrounding some of the propositions, each of the seven passed when presented to the voters.
The city council will meet on Tuesday, May 17 to officially canvass the votes. At that time, Bertram, White and Sanders will be sworn into office. The meeting will be held in the Glosserman conference room at Lockhart City Hall, beginning at 7:30 p.m.


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