Big turnout sees Kursk Root icon as it comes through Lockhart


By Kyle Mooty

LPR Editor

People from as far as Austin and San Antonio were among those visiting the Kursk Root icon as it made its way through Lockhart last week during a two-day stay at the First-called Orthodox Church.

“It’s really been good,” Priest Ignatius Lozano said. “The exposure we had brought in a lot of folks. There’s not too many Orthodox churches around. We had a lady from Buda say she didn’t know about us until she read about the Kursk Root icon coming here.”

There were two services on Thursday and five on Friday. Some guests stayed for an entire service, while others reflected on the icon in its presence.

They read services in Russian, although the church has its services in English. It does have Russian speakers.

First-called Orthodox Church Sub Deacon Paul Farley said sometimes miracles with the Kursk Root icon don’t always happen that day, rather may include a phone call the next day.

“We have a lot of miracles,” Farley said. “I don’t think one happens where you see a big flash of light. We had people come visit that haven’t seen our church before. We think that’s a miracle.”

Luca Newkirk, a Lockhart High School student, was at the church to see the icon. In April, she said she “wandered in” the church and has been attending since.

“This is big for such an icon that is so important to be here,” Newkirk said. “When I first came here, I began chanting with the choir. The Orthodox church is what I am drawn to the most.

It’s where I feel most at home, a church like this.”

Eleanor Baughman is also a member of the church and was proud of it getting to host the Kursk Root Icon.

“Having such a beautiful icon here, the Mother of God, it’s beautiful to have such an example of healing,” Baughman said. “Many miracles have happened with this icon. It’s a sense of peace. To have it here is powerful. It’s remarkable.


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