Caldwell County amends solid waste disposal ordinance


Caldwell County
Commissioners today amended an ordinance that formally designates where solid waste can legally be disposed of in Caldwell County.
Following a public hearing during their regular meeting, commissioners voted to formally designate the area occupied by the 130 Environmental Park in the northern end of the county as the area in which disposal of municipal or industrial waste is not prohibited. The approximately 520-acre site at 5200 N. US 183 has been operational since 2017 and is permitted by the Texas Commission for Environmental Quality allowing it to operate as a disposal facility.
The action taken in court amends an ordinance passed in 2013 that previously designated an 18-acre area at 6655 Seawillow Road for that purpose.
Dumping solid waste in Caldwell County at locations other than the 130 Environmental Park is strictly prohibited.
“The action taken today by commissioners in open court makes official something that many already understood – the 130 Environmental Park is the sole location where residents and businesses can legally dispose of trash in our county,” Caldwell County Judge Hoppy Haden said. “It did not exist in 2013 when
the county originally approved the siting ordinance. The 130 Environmental Park is operational and maintains the licensing and permits required for legal waste disposal.”


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