CANDIDATE PROFILE: Deward Cummings Jr.


EDITOR’S NOTE: Profiles submitted in candidates’ own words. Only statements sent to the Post-Register were included. Statements may have been edited for style, but not for substance. Ken Schawe (R) and Alfredo Munoz (D) did not submit profiles. Other local races will run in future editions as space permits.

To get elected is an honor, not just a paycheck.
To set the stage, “The difference between a liberal, a socialist, a Democrat, a Communist, a hypocrite and a liar is the spelling.” — Deward Cummings, 1992. My opinion.
I am not here to make friends. I am here to get elected, to do a job, to make changes and tell the truth. If you can’t handle the truth, stop now. If you want the truth, here it is.
We are drowning in bureaucratic, duplication of services. We’re going bankrupted because county citizens not working on jobs in county, overpaid commissioners, inconsistent property evaluations and our county roads are an embarrassment.
We have an overpaid blotted school duplicating bureaucracy, yet we hire foreign workers because our kids can’t fill out a job application or won’t do the work. Why?
Duplication of services, we have ten different courts, seven of them doing the same thing, three duplicating themselves. Why?
We have nine different law enforcements operating in county, four of them, part time, doing the same job the others are, anywhere they please. Why?
Real estate assessments. Ranchers clear brush, to grow grass, to raise livestock and stop rain runoff. Taxed double for being conscientious horticulturist. Speculators ask 10 times what property is assessed, taxed at the old valuation, yet ask $500,000 for 10 acres, then tax them at that. Why not? I was a real estate broker for 15 years and trained appraiser.
County commissioners. Taxpayers should not pay for health insurance, or pensions of an elected part-time job? Commissioners should be accountable to a department. No, then we’ll adjust your salary to what you do-do-do. To get elected is a privilege not for a pension.
County roads. Years ago I raised the despicable County Road conditions. Nothing changed, because I can operate that road equipment, I know how to fix them, without any additional cost. I promise they will improve. Elect me, things will change.
Precinct courts and constables are obsolete leftover $100,000 Democrat patronage drain, for a time you traveled 30 miles a day, by horse, they need to go. The citizens can change that.
School system. Ask what the superabundant does when we have an assistant superabundant what do they do, besides hold meetings all day. No offense.
We have teacher aids, assistant principals, disciplinary principals, teachers underpaid and no support on discipline in class, cops patrolling schools, can’t parents control their “children?”
Folks what has happened, nobody is accountable for their actions. Adults, children, men, women, parents, government, sexual harassment, why? Liberalism.
Liberals, democrats, “rant” about “change,” so let’s give ‘em some “true conservatism,” and that’s all I’ve got to say about that. Now read it again!


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