EDITOR’S NOTE: Profiles submitted in candidates’ own words. Only statements sent to the Post-Register were included. Statements may have been edited for style, but not for substance. Ken Schawe (R) and Alfredo Munoz (D) did not submit profiles. Other local races will run in future editions as space permits.

Education: Graduate of Luling High School and Angelo State University
Legal education: Texas Municipal Court Education Center in Austin; The National Judicial College in Reno, Nev.
Legal experience: Presiding judge, city of Luling, 2008-2017.
Community acts: Luling Independent School District board, member for 9 years, 1999-2008; president for three years, 2005-2008.
Baptized in Bethel A.M.E. Church in Luling

As a lifetime resident of Caldwell County, Texas, I have a vested interest in attracting and influencing the path for which improvements of our living standards are attributed to slow economic growth and/or tougher times.
I believe that local government is to provide the services and infrastructure needed for its citizenry to prosper and I will achieve this recovery by using fiscally responsible practices; seek community input, court private businesses that will enhance employment and adapt positive life style alternatives that seek to restore growth. I will court public/civil service agencies that will unwittingly support our values for Caldwell County’s economic well being.
Together with our distinguished commissioner’s court it will be our intention to develop a basic structure to shape this county into the most desirable county in the State of Texas complete with a balanced approach and effective leadership to solve.
If you will allow me to this opportunity to serve the citizenry of Caldwell County, Texas, present and future, I will promise you that this governing body will do its utmost to justify your trust.
My love for this county is beyond any physical deed, act or accomplishment.
I love its people, its culture, its geography and its destiny. I will be dedicating my life to Caldwell County while encouraging growth, development and a higher standard of living for all.


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