Candidates report on pre-Primary spending


By LPR Staff



As the clock ticks down to the Super Tuesday Primary, candidates across Caldwell County are making a last minute push to garner support. In most cases, that final push can be costly.

In the race on the Republican primary ballot for Precinct One Commissioner, Hoppy Haden has raised more funds and sp

ent more on campaigning than his opponent, Richard Mendez.

Haden’s campaign finance report indicates he has raised $4,675, mostly in contributions under $100, and spent $3754.90. The bulk of that spending is on campaign promotion, including a charge of $1,038.12 to Lockhart’s Printing Solutions for campaign materials.

Mendez, on the other hand, reported no campaign contributions during the reporting period, while spending $903.29 with Wish List Direct of New Braunfels on campaign mailers.

In the Precinct Three race for Caldwell County Commissioner, Ed Theriot is facing Randolph Flores.

Theriot noted only $400 in campaign contributions, while stacking up $994 in spending.

Theriot logged a donation to Caldwell County Go Texan of $400, and reported spending $448.41 with Printing Solutions. The remainder of his expenses, he reported, were related to mailing and travel costs.

Flores noted no contributions, with $1,609.29 in spending.

He spent $1,225 with Rick Martinez TShirts, and noted spending $384.29 at Austin’s Sixth Street Printing.

The reports for the contested Democratic Primary Race between Charles Kimbrough and Andi St. Leger wer not available at press time.

Candidates who are running unopposed are not required to file seven-day spending reports. However, several chose to file reports stating they had not collected or spent more than $50 in the 30-day period preceding the election.

The candidates will be required to file additional spending reports after the election, tallying their expenses. Follow future editions of the Post-Register for that information.

Early voting for the March 1 Primary continues at the LW Scott Annex, 1403 Blackjack St. (FM 20E), in Lockhart, until Friday. Polls will be open from 7 a.m. – 7 p.m.




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