Color Run a big hit as fundraiser for physical education programs


Special to the LPR

The Lockhart Community Color Run was a vibrant success last weekend, thanks to the generosity of its sponsors and the participation in the community.

The grassroots effort started with a few members of Navarro and Bluebonnet elementary schools wanting to do something together to plan something with the community working as one. It was important to those members to take out the competition between campuses in Lockhart. The organizers of the Color Run wanted to join together to do something as a community; after all the parent-teacher groups and students will be together in a few short years when they go into junior high.

The fundraising goal for the event was to raise money for the campuses’ physical education programs. Some members and PE coaches came to meetings with ideas and items that they would like to fix or change in their PE programs. For instance, Navarro is needing to lower some of its basketball goals. It’s important for these parent-teacher organizations to fundraise. The district’s budget is getting tighter, and the organization’s goal is to be able to bridge the gap between state and local funding and the schools’ needs.

The event brought together, hundreds of locals and visitors, and like to walk, jog, and have fun while raising funds for the local elementary schools’ PE education programs. The event had more than 200 winners, 30 sponsors, and numerous volunteers.

The first annual Lockhart community tell her Ron was a unique and exciting event. That combined a colorful burst of fun with a 30-minute walk, jog, or run around the park. Throughout the event, participants were covered from head to toe and bright hues of power, living them feeling energized and joyful. The Color Run is not just an event, it is an experience that everyone can enjoy.

Special thanks to the volunteers who donated their time and energy to make the event and success. From toddlers to grandparents, everyone was able to join in on the fun. The vent also featured local DJ, Rob Ortiz, which added to the festival atmosphere. 

We are grateful to who participated in support of the event. The generosity and enthusiasm helped us too, shall pass our fundraising goal, and all proceeds will go directly to local elementary school physical education programs. 


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