Road construction near Lockhart Junior High School begins March 2


By Kristen Meriwether, Editor LPR

Road construction near Lockhart Junior High School beginning March 2 will close a sidewalk students use, according to a letter from LJHS Principal Edgar Torres. LISD, working with the City of Lockhart, have developed an alternate route for the three months of construction.

The road construction will link Maple Street to South Mockingbird Lane. During construction students will be asked to walk across the soccer fields. The City of Lockhart has agreed to mow the grass on the soccer fields to enable students to walk across the fields, and LISD maintenance will be mowing the grass on the BBE towards the fields, according to the letter. The City will work on a solution to ensure students can safely cross this route even when it rains.

A map of the new route is included with this article. All questions about the new route are to be directed to Principal Torres at


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