Commerce Gallery to feature 3 artists Friday


Commerce Gallery

Commerce Gallery will host a trio of artist during First Friday events on July 7 with an Open House from 11 a.m.-8 p.m., and a Meet the Artists from 5-8 p.m.

The new show features Stella Alesi, Brian Phillips, and Tiffany Huff.

Brian Phillips:

In the world of salvaged wood artist Phillips, dumpsters contain treasure, and gold can be struck in a scrap pile by the side of the road. The reclaimed wood that forms the foundation of his work is often rife with blemishes, knots, and nail holes. Working in a shed (originally built 40 years ago from salvaged materials) that Phillips then converted into a studio/workshop, he cuts, planes, paints, and reassembles these rejected pieces into something wholly new.

A resident of Austin, Texas, Phillips’ work embraces the beauty and resilience of his home state. His work is ultimately a celebration of life and everything that makes it worth living.

Stella Alesi:

Alesi works across a number of styles and mediums, including drawing, painting, photography, collage, and large wall works. Their practice is characterized by a willingness to try new approaches in the ongoing investigation into new materials and visual languages. Alesi’s painting practice emphasizes the importance of failure as a way of moving forward and challenging established structures. They use the space and exploration the work provides to visualize the visceral nature of the human experience.

Tiffany Huff

Huff is a Texas-based artist who holds a BFA in Studio Art and an all-level teaching certification from Texas State University. With 18 years of experience teaching art, Huff also dedicates time to her studio practice as a painter, printmaker, and illustrator. Drawing inspiration from southwestern landscapes and wildlife, her work encompasses oil paintings, hand-drawn illustrations, and screen-printed vintage clothing. Huff’s deep connection to the land of West Texas serves as a profound inspiration rooted in respect for the ancient wisdom of wild and expansive spaces.


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