Commissioners recognize October as Domestic Violence Awareness Month


October will be recognized as Domestic Violence Awareness month in Caldwell County, according to a bill passed and adopted by the Commissioners’ Court on Monday, Sept. 27.

The proclamation is designed to support the ending of domestic violence through public knowledge and awareness. “Home should be a place of warmth, unconditional love, tranquility, securi

ty, and for most of us, home and family can indeed be counted among our greatest blessing,” stated the opening of the declaration.

The Texas Council on Family Violence defines “domestic violence” as anyone who has experienced either physical abuse such as hitting, choking or slapping, sexual abuse, threats, verbal abuse including name calling and public humiliation, and forced isolation from friends and family.

Last year there were 161 victims in Caldwell County. Furthermore, 74 percent of all Texans have experienced some form of domestic violence, while 49 percent have either been severely abused or have a family member that has been a victim of domestic violence.

In other news, the commissioners also passed a bill declaring Oct. 3-9 as 4-H week in Caldwell County.

The 4-H organization, which stands for Head, Heart, Hands, and Health, has about 577,000 boys and girls in Texas.

With the motto “To make the better best,” children learn skills such as auto repair, photography, and their main focus of agricultural training.

The purpose of the week is to recognize outstanding state contributions made by 4-H members.

The court also approved a policy that will allow county employees to have a sick leave pool.

According to the policy, the pool, which will be administered by Caldwell County Treasurer Lori Rangel-Pompa, will provide additional sick leave days in the event of a catastrophic illness, surgery, or disability that prevents a county employee from active employment.

Pool contributions will be made on a volunteer basis and will not affect the county budget.

In order to use the pool, employee must apply and be approved by the Pool Administrative Committee.

This new policy will go into effect on Oct. 1 and will be subject to further review during the next budget process.

In brief court news, the commissioners approved the continuance of the outdoor burning ban. The ban will remain until further notice.

The court also approved the appointment of Stephanie Shunick of Lockhart to the Caldwell County Historical Commission.

In other brief court news, the commissioners are considering modifying CR300 (Crane Lane) by making it exit onto Highway 183 in front of Just Bee Kidz Day Care center. The change will help TxDOT, which will not the construct turn lanes for private businesses, justify the construction of a turn lane in front of the day care center.

The commissioners are also investigating the legalities of allowing county units to haul dirt from cemeteries in Caldwell County. “[We] don’t want to miss too many opportunities to help the people of Caldwell County,” said County Judge H.T. Wright.


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