Commissioners stymied by agenda error


By LPR Staff

Although they did meet and discuss issues during their regularly-scheduled meeting on Monday morning, the Caldwell County Commissioners Court was unable to take any action on pending business because of a typographical error on the agenda posted last week.
That error, which indicated the meeting would be held a

t the Glosserman Conference Center at Lockhart City Hall, rather than the Conference and Training Center at the LW Scott Annex, went unnoticed on the posted agenda, and prevented the Commissioners from being able to take any votes during the meeting.
However, the Court did hear from residents of the Martindale area, who expressed concern about an upcoming concert and floating event known as “Float Fest,” which will be taking place on the San Marcos River next week.
Float Fest is being hosted at Cool River Ranch, on the Guadalupe County side of the river. However, festival participants have been invited to park at Don’s Fish Camp, on the Caldwell County side, prompting area residents to remind the Court that the roads in the area are being destroyed and the neighborhood endangered by the increased traffic at the floating outfitters.
“Float Fest is a free-for-all, and they’re taking advantage of it because they know the jurisdiction is in limbo,” County Judge Tom Bonn said.
The discussion about enforcement and safety on the San Marcos River has been an ongoing concern for the Commissioners, as well as for the Sheriff’s Department, the City of Martindale and the residents of the river. Driven by the crackdown on “toobing” restrictions on the Comal and Guadalupe Rivers, has brought, increased floating traffic on the San Marcos River in Hays and Caldwell Counties has brought with it an increase in pedestrian and vehicle traffic, an increase in trespassing and other criminal activity, and an increase in both waste and noise pollution on the river.
In other business, representatives of the Caldwell County Appraisal District announced that they would be withdrawing their offer to purchase a tract of land adjoining the site of the Caldwell County Justice Center. Expenses involved with bringing appropriate utilities to the site were set to exceed $400,000, according to Chief Appraiser Mary LaPointe. The sum well exceeded what the Appraisal District had budgeted.
The Commissioners also heard reports from department heads, and discussed possible construction and renovation of a building on Fannin Street in Luling.
The Caldwell County Commissioners Court routinely meets on the second, third and fourth Monday of each month at 9 a.m. in the Conference and Training Center at the LW Scott Annex, 1403 Blackjack St., in Lockhart. The meetings are open to the public and webcast at


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