Count your blessings this Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving usually marks the beginning of the hustle and bustle of the holidays. Even as we comb the supermarket looking for the perfect turkey or the mythical can of cranberry sauce that comes out of the package intact, we can’t help but notice the Christmas decorations dotting the aisles of the store, or hear the holiday Muzak on the speakers. We ca

n’t help but notice the ramped-up advertising all around us, gently pointing us toward the perfect holiday gift for that special someone.
It’s as though Thanksgiving itself hardly exists, except as a marker. It marks the beginning of the end of the year. It’s been that way for as long as I can remember, and I’m not entirely sure why.
Before we celebrate the toys and trinkets we think might make the lives of our loved ones more complete, we should remember to celebrate the fact that our loved ones exist. Before we start thinking about starting anew, and the things that we want to change in the coming year, we need to stop and appreciate the things we would not change – or trade.
In history, I’m sure that “Thanksgiving” marked the harvest feast. The Thanksgiving feast may have been the last elaborate meal our forefathers had the chance to enjoy before winter bore down on them. And naturally, they were grateful for the bounty the harvest and their friends had to offer.
That can be a difficult concept to wrap the mind around in modern times – to a degree.
It might be hard for many of us to consider that our friends or extended family could come through with food or supplies that we can’t secure for ourselves, in terms of meat, grain or produce.
It’s easier when you remember that our friends and family come through for us, every day, with the things we can’t secure for ourselves – companionship, support and love.
That being the case, it seems to me that Thanksgiving – really giving thanks – has a sacred place in the modern world, at least a larger purpose than simply marking the beginning of the Christmas season.
It is at this time of the year when we should all take a moment to stop and think about the people, the experiences, the knowledge and the strength that makes us who we are. While we are thinking about it, we should remember to say “Thank you. I’m grateful.”

As a community, we have experienced many triumphs and trials this year. We have suffered much, but we have also learned and grown closer through our combined happiness and heartache.
The Post-Register family has deeply felt each of these victories and tragedies alongside our community. We thank you, this year, for allowing us to share your lives with you. We are grateful for your ongoing support and hope to continue sharing this wonderful relationship with our readers and our community for years to come.
On behalf of each of us, we wish you and yours a happy, safe and blessed Thanksgiving, and a wonderful and warm holiday season.


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