Deadline looms to claim some tax values


By LPR Staff

Caldwell County business owners could get hit with steep penalties if they fail to report their assets this week.

The Caldwell County Appraisal District released information last week reminding taxpayers that property renditions must be filed by April 15, 2009, in order for property owners to avoid paying fines up to an

additional 50 percent of taxes due. “Renditions” are reports to the appraisal district that list all property owned or controlled as of Jan. 1, 2009, which a business uses to generate income.

Business owners can benefit from filing a complete rendition of their property. Primarily, a rendition allows the owner to state what he or she believes the property’s value to be. In the event of value changes, an appraiser must notify the owner in writing, explaining the changes and outlining the procedures for protesting that value change before an appraisal review board.

Additionally, business owners can file reports of decreased value along with their renditions. These reports serve to notify the appraisal district of significant depreciation in equipment or inventory value since 2008. If a business files a report of decreased value, the depreciated property should be physically inspected by an appraiser before new values are assigned for the current tax year.

Business owners who file a written request for an extension prior to the April 15 deadline will automatically be granted an extension to May 15. In addition, Caldwell County Chief Appraiser Carlton Pape may, at his discretion, grant an additional 15-day extension, past the May 15 deadline, for a business owner who shows good cause in writing.

However, owners who choose not to file a rendition or extension application, or those who file incomplete or false renditions, may be subject to fines and penalties up to 50 percent, but no less than 10 percent, of the tax assessed on the property in question.

Renditions may be filed at the Caldwell County Appraisal District, 610 San Jacinto St., in Lockhart. Property owners with questions or concerns are encouraged to call the appraisal district at (512) 398-5550.


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