Former firefighter to serve 120 days


Smith takes deal on intoxication manslaughter charges

By LPR Staff

A former Lockhart firefighter accepted a plea agreement on Tuesday that orders him to serve 120 days in the Caldwell County Jail after an accident left his young son dead in 2005.
Bruce Smith, a former captain with the Lockhart Fire Department, pled nolo conten

dre (no contest) to charges of intoxication manslaughter and will serve 10 years probation in connection with the July 22, 2005 crash.
According to Smith”s attorney, Kelley McCormick, the charges against his client could have resulted in a prison sentence of up to 20 years.
“This agreement was the result of a lot of hard work over a long period of time between myself, my client, the special prosecutor from the Attorney General”s office and other parties involved,” McCormick said. “It”s been a long and hard process for this family, but this agreement, we hope, will close this grueling chapter of this tragedy.”
Medical records and Department of Public Safety reports alleged that Smith was legally intoxicated while driving his two young children home in the summer of 2005. According to initial reports, Smith lost control of his vehicle and crashed, sustaining serious injuries himself, and fatally injuring one of his children. The younger son was treated at the scene and released to his mother”s care.
Under the terms of the plea agreement, Smith will serve 120 days in the county jail before beginning a 10-year probation term. During his probation, Smith must complete alcohol treatment, participate in a 12-step program and speak at drunk driving-related victim impact forums. He is also forbidden to drive at night with any child under the age of 14 in his vehicle.
“There are some other things he”s going to have to do, like write a letter of apology to the community,” McCormick said. “And if he doesn”t follow the terms of his probation, there is a chance that he could go to jail for up to 10 years.”


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