Healing Our Country


U.S. Representative Lloyd Doggett (D-TX) represents Texas’ 35th District in the United States House of Representatives, including much of Lockhart. 

Caldwell County has many passionate Trump supporters. I write for them today with hope that at least a few may consider my views. Trump voters have my respect, but also my respectful, strong disagreement. With the election over, I encourage your continued, peaceful participation in our democracy.

We do need to begin with the same facts. President Trump lost this election—fair and square. He failed to produce any evidence of fraud or wrongdoing to justify his oft-repeated claims. Over sixty courts, many with Republican judges—including many appointed by Trump—rejected his meritless lawsuits. 

If a county judge candidate insisted that Caldwell election officials find him more votes or throw out an opponent’s votes, he would likely be indicted. That is exactly what Trump did in threatening the Trump-supporting, lifelong Republican Georgia Secretary of State in a recorded call. 

Peaceful transition of power is essential to democracy. Votes are not to be ignored because someone dislikes the outcome. Republican Senate Leader Mitch McConnell responded to Republicans like Representative Cloud, who sought to throw out millions of legal votes, by rightfully declaring that they would send America’s democracy into a “death spiral.”

After repeated failed attempts to intimidate both Republican election officials into committing fraud and Republican-appointed judges into ignoring our Constitution, Trump summoned supporters to Washington to stop the constitutionally-mandated final count of the electoral votes. He exhorted them to go to Congress and “fight like hell.” His insurrectionists complied. 

Using the American flag as battering ram and attacking police, they sought to overthrow the Congressional branch of our government. Aides say Trump seemed to enjoy watching the attack on television, while declining to respond with help or to call off attackers.

One group dragged an officer down the stairs, tasering him, yelling: “Kill him with his own gun!” Another killed an officer by hitting his head with a fire extinguisher. Others shouted, “Hang Mike Pence!” Some apparently intended to kidnap and/or assassinate some lawmakers. Recently, some apprehended attackers are claiming a “Trump made me do it” defense.

As Representative Liz Cheney, a House Republican leader and daughter of the former Vice President said: “The President of the United States summoned this mob, assembled the mob, and lit the flame of this attack. Everything that followed was his doing.”

Now, five Americans are dead, our Capitol is scarred, and this bloody chaos provides our enemies abroad with new ammunition they are using against America. 

The House, including ten Republicans—though, sadly, none from Texas—has now voted for impeachment. We not only demanded accountability for Trump’s gross misconduct, but, more importantly, we declared to any aspiring tyrant: Not in America. We love our country too much. 

Our democracy has survived. We all have a responsibility, including Trump voters, to join in healing our country and restoring faith in one another.  I am always ready to work with anyone of goodwill. Together, let’s unit around our love of country to meet the challenges and seek a better future. 


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  1. Mike Villalobos 23 January, 2021 at 12:30 Reply

    Representative Doggett, thanks for being a true representative of truth and responsibility. We all look forward to progress and success. Your leadership and voice of reason are much appreciated.

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