Honoring those who gave their lives


Caldwell County Judge Hoppy Haden remembered the eight soldiers who were killed in the 2009 Battle of Kamdesh as Veteran Services Director Al Dos Santos held up a photo of Stoney Portis, a Lockhart High School graduate who is celebrated locally for his role in helping fight off a deadly ambush in that battle. The Caldwell County judge, the Caldwell County Commissioners and Dos Santos each took the stage to offer a few thoughts in remembrance of people serving in the U.S. armed forces who died while serving their country on Memorial Day at the Caldwell County Courthouse. The judge mentioned that the battle was the focal point of The Outpost, a film that was released in 2020. “Hopefully it will reach some of the generation that needs real heroes to look up to instead of heroes manufactured by the media,” Haden said. “Today, when you go home with family and friends for a barbecue and fellowship, say a prayer for those who paid with their blood for your ability to do so.” Photos by Miles Smith/LPR


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